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Chlorfluazuron has proven to be extremely effective for termite baiting becuase:
  • It is a benzoylphenyl urea insect growth regulator which inhibits the synthesis of chitin
  • Only one gram per kilo of Chlorfluazuron is required to effectively controll termite colonies 
  • Its delayed mode of action allows widespread transfer within the colony for maximum secondary kill
  • It is effective against all sub-species of subterranean termites with the exception of Mastotermes Darwinius
  • Chlorfluazuron is practically non-toxic due to the mammals, birds, fish and earthworms (Tomlin 1997)
  • It slowly degrades in water 
  • It is strongly absorbed to soil with a Kd of 120-990
  • Its half life in soil varies from 6 weeks to a few months