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Product & Termite Facts

Nemesis inground station.

The Nemesis station is a radical patent pending design.The station has open soil contact ports which match the voids and grooves incorporated into the design of the timber insert providing exceptional timber to soil contact and easy termite access. 

Grooves and voids mimic termite workings in timber, running from top to bottom, these act as conduits for foraging termites.The top half of the station provides an enclosed humid cubicle for termites to aggregate in.The station is tapered and has a low profile cap, with a tamper evident securing mechanism.

Nemesis timber inserts.
The timber inserts, unlike those in other systems available, are designed with vertical grooves and open voids running uniformally the length of the insert.These design features maximise the surface area of the timber which regulates the number of termites which will enter the station. They also provide tracks for foraging termites mimmicking termite workings in timber.Additionally the grain of the timber runs vertically upwards when the two timber inserts which fit in the station are positioned in line  with the grooves and voids of the station.These innovative design features entice the foraging termites upwards into the the large open chamber to aggregate, when the Nemesis Termite Bait can be loaded.
The open chamber allows easy vision of the grooves and voids greatly improving the ease of detection of foraging termites, whilst minimizing the likely disturbance of termites, during the inspection or baiting phases.
Nemesis above ground station.
The above ground station has been designed as a flexible,easy to install and fill with bait.
Nemesis termite bait.
The bait is based upon proven insect growth regulator  technology.Chlorfluazuron, the insect growth regulator used in Nemesis Termite Bait, inhibits the ability of the individual termites to synthysize chitin.Termites moult, that is they shed their exoskeletons, because they cannot reproduce chitin, they are unable to replace this skeleton and thus perish.The termite colony loses whole generations and collapses as a consequence.
The bait matrix is manufactured using pure food grade cellulose.